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30 Aug 2016

Our latest manuscript is now available online

A preprint of our latest manuscript describing an androgen regulated 4-gene panel that can be detected in whole blood can now be found here.

04 Aug 2016

Going for Gold! Lab olympics.

Is your lab the best at shooting pipette tips across the lab? How quickly can you put on PPE or rack tips - one handed? Most scientists are a super competitive bunch so we want to find out in the inaugural 'Lab Olympics' in aid of Prostate Cancer UK. For more details of how to join in or make a donation simply click here.

17 Nov 2015

Could Tamoxifen be used to treat prostate cancer?

Our latest publication looks at what happens in patients with prostate cancer when we lower their testosterone levels rapidly. We were interested to find their estrogen receptor expression increased! This hints at the idea that we may be able to treat men with advanced prostate cancer with breast cancer drugs such as Tamoxifen. To read more about what we did click here.

10 Nov 2015

Another new team member!

Hot on the heels of Lina, another clinical fellow, Jonathan Olivier, has joined us in the lab. Jonathan will be working on combining prostate biomarkers and MRI imaging alongside Jonathan Kay. More details about Jonathan will be appearing on the Meet the Team page in the next few days.

06 Nov 2015

Free biomarkers webinar

Hayley Whitaker will be giving a webinar on prostate cancer biomarkers on 18th november at 12:30pm as part of a Prostate Cancer UK series. If you would like to find out all of the latest on the topic please register here - its free!

06 Nov 2015

Do you want to come and work in our lab?

We currently have a research associate position available in our lab working on prostate sampling and genetics. For more details of the position and how to apply please see here.

26 Oct 2015

The Whitaker lab are going to the NCRI 2015

Hayley Whitaker, Hayley Luxton, Jonathan Kay and Ben Simpson will all be at the NCRI 2015 conference this year. Look out for our posters on Monday (A125) and Tuesday (B295 & B99).

01 Oct 2015

A new member of the team!

Today the lab has become a little bigger with the addition of Lina Carmona, a clinical fellow. Lina will be working on understanding the biology and genetics of the patients enrolled in the PROMIS study based at UCL. She is also going to be completing some work on detecting a novel gene signature. More information about Lina will appear on the Meet the Team page soon. 

30 Jul 2015

The 5-types of prostate cancer

Hayley Whitaker and Jonathan Kay were involved in a recent publication on stratifying patients with prostate cancer into different sub-types. You may have seen it in the news! A free access copy of this paper is available here.

03 Jul 2015

A new member of the team!

We are all really pleased to welcome Ben Simpson to the lab today. Ben is joining us as a new research assistant working on NAALADL2 with Hayley Luxton. Take a look at the 'Meet the Team' pages for more information about Ben.

01 Jul 2015

Hayley speaking Cambridge Prostate Support Group

Hayley recently spoke at the Cambridge Prostate Cancer Support Group about her work. They are a lively and lovely group who are always lookign for new members.

08 Jun 2015

Manuscript on MCT2

In collaboration with our colleagues at the University of Cambridge we have recently published a manuscript in Oncotarget on the role of MCT2 in prostate cancer. For more information please take a look here.

01 Jun 2015

Job opportunity in the Whitaker Lab

A vacancy has arisen for a research assistant in our lab working on NAALADL2. Please apply via the UCL website. For further details see this link

31 Mar 2015

The Whitaker Lab are moving to University College London

On April 1st 2015 the lab will move to UCL and become the Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics Group. We will continue to focus on novel markers, initially for prostate cancer and cholangiocarcinoma. We are looking forward to developing new collaborations with our UCL and greater London colleagues.

03 Mar 2015

Our Nature Genetics paper is published!

We have been working on an ICGC paper as part of a large collaboration looking at the genetics of multi-focal prostate cancer. The paper has been published in Nature Genetics and can be found here. Lots of champagne celebrations for this one!

06 Jan 2015

Questions in prostate cancer research

Hayley was recently asked some questions about the latest research into prostate cancer diagnosis. The video can be found here.

24 Nov 2014

Hayley’s blog on the NCRI 2014 conference.

Hayley Whitaker was invited to write a blog for Prostate Cancer UK on the recent NCRI conference in Liverpool. Jonathan Kay also contributed a paragraph – a team effort! The blog can be found here.

14 Oct 2014

Cambridge Rotary Club talk

Hayley enjoyed a fabulous lunch and gave a talk on prostate biomarkers to the Cambridge Rotary Club . There were many interested faces and crossed legs by the end!

06 Oct 2014

Mitochondrial paper accepted in eLife

We now have another manuscript in press at eLife looking at mutations in the mitochondrial genome as part of the International Cancer Genome Consortium. The paper can be found here.

26 Sep 2014

Androgens 2014

The two Hayley’s are attending the Androgens 2014 meeting this week. Come and say hello if you’re there or follow what we think about the meeting on Twitter @TheWhitakerLab.

05 Sep 2014

New Science paper accepted

There is great excitement in the lab as we have just had a paper accepted in Science as part of our continued work on the prostate International Cancer Genome Consortium! The article can be found here